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Success Stories

It was easy getting sober. Building a life was the hard part. Early recovery presented an uphill battle and going back to school seemed like a distant dream in those days.

I got more than a scholarship when Erica and John entered my life. I developed friendships, support, and a fierce determination to finish my education. Currently I am enrolled in a social work program pursuing my bachelor's degree, so I can help others climb out of active addiction and build the life they were meant to live. I am incredibly grateful for the Garwoods and everything their foundation has done for the recovery community.

Christopher Collins
 Whitney Ducharme

School has always been a priority in my life. Before getting sober in 2013, it was one of the many passions I had lost to my addiction.  I always will be grateful to The Mark Garwood SHARE 

Foundation for giving me the courage to continue my education and recovery. Since receiving the scholarship, I have increased my GPA by over 1 full point, graduated with my first degree, and transferred to Florida Atlantic University to obtain a bachelor's degree in biology. The Foundation not only supported my education financially, but believed in my dream to further my education and pursue a career in healthcare. 

Nicholas Sladek

The Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation scholarship is more than a financial assistance grant. I have been sober since 2011 when I got sober from drugs and alcohol. Prior to becoming a Mark Garwood

SHARE Foundation scholarship recipient, my finances were preventing me from attending school full-time. In addition to the gift of education and relief of the financial burden, I have also gained a new family dedicated to advocating for men and women in recovery looking to better themselves through education. I am proud to say that through the help and support of the Garwoods, I graduated with my RN in December 2020.

 Ly Sotalbo

After getting sober and working a recovery program, I knew my life had only just begun. I always felt I belonged back in school. Receiving the Mark Garwood SHARE

Foundation scholarship

validated where I wanted to take my life next. Having a foundation that believes in me and my dreams has given me the courage and motivation to continue my education and pursue a career. I am now a college graduate and am on my way to becoming a radiology technologist. Because of the Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation and recovery, I am a better me, and I am finding my purpose.

 Lisa Tower Blomgren

Ever since I first made the choice to get sober in 2013, I knew my true passion was to help otherpeople. This scholarship has given me the tools to turn this passion into a career.  It has provided

me the opportunity to follow my dreams and has relieved me from many of the financial burdens that come along with being a college student. I recently completed my first degree, and I am so excited to see what the future holds as I prepare to transfer to FAU. This is more than just a scholarship to me. This opportunity has led me to a group of inspiring individuals who have traveled a similar path, have overcome indescribable barriers and are fearlessly pursuing their dreams. 

MGF graduate photo_edited.jpg
 Alana Warner

Recovery for me has been about more than just getting sober. It’s about living a life beyond my wildest dreams and fulfilling my potential.  The Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation scholarship  

has made that possible for me by relieving some of the financial burdens of college and by providing a community of support to help me succeed in my goals. Today, I live a life that I am passionate about as a nurse, and for that I will be forever grateful. 

Jessie Ewing

You are never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.  The Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation taught me that it doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go. 

Leli Beeson.jpg

Keli Beeson

I am humbled and beyond grateful to even be considered as a candidate for a Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation Scholarship.  To be selected as a recipient brings me to tears.  How much love and support

this foundation turn a tragic experience into one that provides hope and limitless possibilities for people in recovery.  Receiving this scholarship is a completely and profoundly life-changing opportunity.

Joanna Ahern

This scholarships has meant so much to me. It has given me the freedom to chase my dreams of being a social worker.  I've been able to apply all the lessons I've 

Joanna Ahern.png

learned to help others and enrich their lives.  None of  my accomplishments would have been possible without this scholarship, and I am eternally grateful.

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