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Shoot for the Moon


     One of the foundational pillars of the Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation, a private non-profit 501 (c)(3) foundation, is to provide educational scholarships to qualified individuals who are actively pursuing a path of recovery from substance abuse.


     The vast majority of young men and women have had their educational goals derailed or disrupted as a result of their disease. Addiction is a family disease, and often these individuals have lost the support, both financially and emotionally, of family and friends. Working through detox, rehabilitation, and transitioning back into the mainstream takes time, perseverance, and dedication. Many have had run-ins with the law, and their resumes are clouded. Employment opportunities can be limited. The combination of new found sobriety, damaged relationships, and limited career opportunities are problematic. Now what? Where is the future?


     The Foundation firmly believes that education is ultimately the bridge to long-term recovery and success. Most young people battling back from substance abuse are working at minimum wage jobs, and have little if any potential to save enough for the initiation or resumption of their education. They desire a future... a career, but have no financial means to complete the educational requirements necessary to achieve those goals.


     The Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation is seeking to bridge that gap. The Foundation provides a $5,000 scholarship to qualified individuals who are committed to initiating or completing their educational goals. The scholarships are awarded annually, and cover the costs of tuition and books. For more information on the qualification requirements and the application process, we invite you to visit our website at


     Your generous support of our outreach effort is greatly appreciated. If together we can inspire one individual...provide an incentive and a pathway to success...then our efforts in memory of our beloved son, Mark, will have been proven worthwhile.

“My God has shown me forgiveness and strength, and that is what I want to portray unto others.... God bless you”


MARK F. GARWOOD (1990 – 2014) 

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