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What We Do

The Mark Garwood Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) corporation chartered in October 2014.  

The mission of the Foundation is to reach individuals battling the devastating effects of substance use disorder and to provide some measure of direct assistance. During his life, Mark always felt it was vital to be a source of encouragement and strength to any of his friends or acquaintances who were struggling.  The Foundation is dedicated to building a legacy of service and support for the recovery community in memory of Mark.


The initiatives and resources of the Mark Garwood Foundation are specifically targeted toward the promotion and support of addiction recovery efforts in the St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties in south Florida. 


 The Foundation's activities include


  • Phoenix Scholarships:  Many young men and women have dropped out of school or cannot afford to pursue their educations because of their past addictions. We believe secure and stable employment provides a strong foundation for sustained recovery.  To that end, the Foundation will provide financial aid to qualified individuals seeking to begin or continue their education.

  • Mark Garwood Phoenix House:  Mark Garwood Phoenix House in Lake Worth is a sober living residence that is dedicated to Mark Garwood.  The Foundation works directly with the residents to maintain the house and provide a safe and steadfast recovery environment.

  • Bridge House: Bridge House is a transitional men’s recovery facility providing free board and beds for individuals who have no insurance, employment, or physical means of support.  The Foundation sponsors one of the five beds at the residence.  The men of Bridge House engage in community service for the elderly and needy while seeking gainful employment.

  • Clean Start Backpacks:  Often young men and women come to sober living residences directly off the streets and without financial resources.  On the recommendation of house managers, the Foundation provides Clean Start drawstring backpacks to these individuals.  These backpacks include bare essentials such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, and a gift card for purchase of clothing or other necessary items. 

  • Community Events:  The Foundation is available to help sponsor events, seminars, lectures, or other initiatives that support recovery and the ongoing efforts to inform the public, especially young people, about the serious consequences of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.


Since 2015, the Mark Garwood Foundation
has provided over $435,000 in scholarships and aid
to 67 adults in recovery in South Florida and in Jacksonville.

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